Special Issues

The Yearbook 2021


"A Year in Review", news, entertainment, and a special guest star: You!


We are so excited to introduce you Mr&Mr world~The Yearbook 2021. This book's main purpose is to evoke memories of time and place.

A "Year in Review”, a luxurious publication to capture the highlights of the past 12 months, and the facts related to gay life and culture. 


What will include our Yearbook? The most relevant news about:


• People & facts

• Politics

• Sport

• Culture & Entertainment


A snapshot of the gay world focused on:


• Life Stories (your story!)

• Solidarity

• Instagram Stories

• Celebrities out

• Lifestyle

• Men's health

• Mr&Mr photo contests

• Only for Men Excellence Awards


Our 2021 Yearbook will offer you the opportunity to share your story, talent, and business. It will be the rightest place to advertise your company and products in front of the most targeted audience.

Whether you want to be our advertiser, or tell us your experience,

or why not, being the face on our cover, we are waiting for you.


Let us know your ideas. Just contact us.


Mr&Mr world ~ The Yearbook 2021 (Hardcover, 148 pages, full color. Copyright ©2021True Colors Lab, LLC) will be published in December 2021.