You will never do better than your Father!

When I was a Kid people said to me that I would never do better than my father. Now they are asking to work for my Company. Believe!!!

Hello All, my name is Marco Giguere and

I'am 30 years old. I’m originally from Oka,

a small town near Montreal, where people still afraid to say that they are gay....I lived there with my father in a small basement; People where laughing and gossiping about me because we had to sleep in the same money and no space to get another bed. I had no choice, I was only 12 years old and I started working for a raspberry and strawberry land; I was taking all step by step and after one year I was already the best employee at 13 year old. It allowed me and Dad to move to a bigger apartment and finally to buy my personal bed.

Life was not easy for me, I was practically only working and sleeping 3 hours a night. I had to work and I wanted to work and change my life but I could not continue in this direction.

One day I decided to throw all out and change my life and restart from scratch. My first and unique research was online, online and online...............many thoughts, like " the best country to be gay is in America I don't want only move to Montreal or Toronto" I need to figure out something!!!

Poor, full of problems, I put the only $1000 left available on my credit card and I went to San José Costa Rica at the beginning of 2009 and when I turned 18 I had all the money needed to live; I have learned Spanish and english too!

I started to work as a tourist guide for gay and I was the only Canadian gay tourist guide in the whole country !!

During rainy season , no more tourist, I thought I was lost again but I decided to work for hotels accommodations and it was successful. I moved then to downtown Montreal close to the gay village at the age of 21 with money and something in mind to create. I never immagine the underwear project would come to what it his now , I was very afraid to waste all my money in a crazy project and the result was AMAZING!

I remember as yesterday i started with a bunch of 20 underwear from Gregg Homme, I contacted Eric and i told him my name and the contact we have in common, I sold my idea and i got it. 20 underwear on eBay, and after a Week and a half it happened. I started to receive many requests.

Very quickly, after a year, the 100 underwear became 1000 underwear and always went up.

From Nothing I did the same thing that i did in costa Rica, I learned from one problem to another, fixing one by one, working in the day and building my website, thinking about the right name, etc etc.

SexyMenUnderwear.Com was the name! After a year of success I also got a lot of other domains names that are redirected to the main domain.

Now it's Modus Vivendi / MASKULO / Gregg Homme / BreedWell / RUFSKIN / PUMP! / TOF PARIS / COCKSOX / Andrew Christian / and much more

Its more than 25 Brand / 3500 Different Product. From boxer brief, jeans, short, shirt, and more. Please explore!

One of the sentences I like in this business is, you never know the market, if you think you know it, your are dead. If You think this is ugly, its because its beautiful , if you like this , maybe that one will never sell! Everything gets sell, one day or another.

The business for me its still a start up, I have no idea where it will bring me, but I will bring it to the maximum I can, with passion and love for what I do. Oh sorry I forgot to say out loud: I'm Gay!

When I was a Kid people said to me that I would never do better than my father. Now they are asking to work for my Company. Believe!!!

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