With "Singletown" we tested our Love!

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Hey Guys, it's a pleasure to have an interview with you.

I saw you on a show on HBO Max and I was very impressed.

Do you want to say something to our readers about the show?

We decided to go into Singletown as we wanted to test our relationship to the max, which in fact it did. We both tested love and managed to find ways with other single people on show however it leads us 18 days later 10 episodes in leaving together and still be together now 7 years anniversary just finished so it shows you can test your relationship by getting with other people whilst have a “break” yet deciding we are made for each other still. Don’t get me wrong it was fun dating other guys but all I was thinking about was Elliott says Charlie.

How did the show affect your Love story?

Elliott and I have been together for just over 7 years we met when I was 18 and Elliott was 19 through a friend. We hit off straight away, partied are young ages in Ibiza and now living together and running a 2-bed house.

What's the result of the show?

The result of the show was testing love and actually realizing we both needed to test our relationship and date other guys to see if we were made for each other. Which in fact we are. 7 years in the “gay world”? That’s a challenge, right? Yes! Everyone I meet says they can’t believe It’s been 7 years for us both. So I’m very happy I’m still with the love of my life.

What do you plan now?

We plan to work hard, and gym. Stay positive and feel flawless every day! Our plan is to hopefully go into another show However not having to break up this time haha.

Do you want to say something about who you are and what do you guys do to live?

I’m Charlie 25 years old from Tottenham London (North London) - customer service for a private company for council. Elliott 17 from High Wycombe Buckinghamshire - works in financial accountancy. We both live together at our home in High Wycombe.

Is there any link you want to share to give the opportunity to our audience to watch the show?

Instagram - charlsdavi

Instagram - elliottchurchley

You can watch our Singletown experience on YouTube typing “Charlie and Elliott SINGLETOWN”

Anything else you want to say?

You can also stream Singletown on HBOmax now and in the U.K. on itvhub.

To finish this off, I just want to say we were really pleased to be representing LGBTQ on tv. You don’t see it enough and it was great showing the audience our genuine love for each other.

Charlie & Elliott