We found love in a hopeless place :)

We never should have met.

But the fibers of the universe wove together over London Pride weekend 2011 to change our lives.

I was meant to be working away from London and Leo took a ticket after one of his friends could no longer go to the party. I was only going for a ‘quick’ dance, but I left with the mobile number of the man who became my husband.

The Coronet nightclub was heaving with thousands of people reveling in pride. Every bit a cliché, I was on the dance floor stripped to the waist partying with friends.

It was in the chaos and energy of pride that my eyes first locked onto Leo’s. A guy had taken an interest in our group and had come over to talk. As he moved to speak into my ear I could see over his shoulder, and it framed Leo on the other side of the room. The lasers picked out his green eyes. Although we were separated by a swarm of people, there was an instant connection.

But it wasn’t to last. The crowd moved, I glanced away and as I turned back, Leo was gone.

I decided the best thing I could do was stay where I was, dancing as close to that spot as I could. If the man with the spectacular green eyes was interested, I wanted him to find me again!

Luckily for me, he did. The track playing as he traced back to me was Rihanna’s “We Found Love”, the song of the summer. We went to the bar, had a drink and traded numbers. I had to leave London for work early the next morning so we kissed goodbye and I headed home. It was almost too twentieth century!

Our first date was at London’s National Gallery. We spent more time going up and down in the lift kissing than looking at the art! Since then, we’ve built a life together and our families have become one. We took my grandmother to Brazil, where Leo is from, to celebrate her 90th birthday. Almost eight years’ later, she is still one of the biggest cheerleaders for our love.

The Coronet nightclub was demolished earlier this year. But the spark of love that started between me and Leo in that place ten years ago gets stronger every day .