We create Candles with the power of our Love.

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Hello! We're Sam + Brad and we are the proud owners of Olive Candle Co. We met in 2016 and fell in love and our love has brought us to this place where we get to share this light with the world, especially with those most in need. ​ Sam is born and raised in Minnesota, now a professional actor based in New York City. Brad is a born and raised New Yorker and a hospitality professional based in New York. We are passionate about trying to do our own small part in the service of others. We share common values in faith and God's instrumental part in both of our lives. As a LGBTQIA+ couple, our place in the faith community has always been important to us and in the foundation of our relationship. ​ We are so grateful to get to share this beautiful product, born out of love with you. ​ ​