We create Candles with the power of our Love.

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Hello! We're Sam + Brad and we are the proud owners of Olive Candle Co. We met in 2016 and fell in love and our love has brought us to this place where we get to share this light with the world, especially with those most in need. ​ Sam is born and raised in Minnesota, now a professional actor based in New York City. Brad is a born and raised New Yorker and a hospitality professional based in New York. We are passionate about trying to do our own small part in the service of others. We share common values in faith and God's instrumental part in both of our lives. As a LGBTQIA+ couple, our place in the faith community has always been important to us and in the foundation of our relationship. ​ We are so grateful to get to share this beautiful product, born out of love with you. ​ ​


Olive Candle Co. was founded in New York with a singular intent; to help those in need. One Sunday at church, Brad and I felt very convicted by the state of homelessness in the city and our lack of finances to help. Strangely enough, we both felt a calling during the service to start something that could generate enough money to support itself and most importantly to allow us to donate a large percentage to charity.

After returning home from church, we found a candle making kit and through much trial and error, Olive Candle Co. was created. Even before we had figured out the science of candle making we knew that God was calling us to use Olive Candle Co. to make a difference. From our first sale back in the fall of 2017 to this day, 50% of all profits are donated back to those in immediate need. Each month's mission is hand selected to ensure that the donations are sent directly to the individuals who need it most. Olive Candle Co. found it's name from something we heard in the sermon on that Sunday. Our Pastor Tyler talked about poverty in the city and the fruit bearing trees of biblical times. When he mentioned the olive tree, it resounded with us. Did you know that when an olive tree is cut down to it's roots - it will still grow back and bear fruit? The resilience is inspiring. Like an Olive Tree in nature, you can take comfort in knowing that the fruits of your purchases will continue to bear fruit and help those in need, long after the individual candles expire.

At Olive Candle Co., our homemade hand-poured 100% soy based candles come to life in the heart of New York City. We've been able to donate to some incredible charities as well as

lead our own homeless outreach. We take special care in the selection of our essential oils, curating a memory of scents and a story behind each experience. Each candle is handcrafted with immense gratitude and attention because our purpose is not in the sale of candles, but in the fruits each candle will bear for those most in need.

Yours in service,

Brad & Sam