Introducing URS Rainbow Art Pasta: an explosion of the senses

by Mary Jay Martini (Mr&Mr world)

• Nice to meet you Urs! Can you please introduce yourself?

"My name is Urs Bratschi, I was born in 1968 and I raised in Switzerland. I live in the center of a small historical town for about 20 years and I fell in love with this place from the start.

I work in IT as a software developer and I also have a small software company myself where I develop an app for controlling consumer electronics. So I do a lot with computers, but I'm definitely not a computer nerd. Real-life does not consist of 0 and 1, there is just something in between.

Making pasta is something completely different.

Many people also suggested I should make pasta with a 3D printer, but that is not an option for me under any circumstances. Making pasta is done by hand and it will stay that way. I love it. It is so meditative.

Cooking has something in common with computer programming. You have a concept, a recipe, and a process with which you can achieve a goal by combining different ingredients."

• Describe a real-life situation that inspired you to pursue an artistic career.

"It is probably my creativity that led me to make pasta not only as an edible product but as an Art object. A raviolo has an area that is usually just empty. I wanted more than just simple ravioli. As a child, I loved tinkering with paper and cardboard. Now it's pasta dough."

• What does your work aim to say? Why Urs Art Rainbow Pasta? Is there a remind to the LGBTQIA+ community or what?

"The design of pasta started with a rainbow ravioli. It was originally more of a design issue. A rainbow is just something wonderful. But yes - I am gay. In the course of my artistic career that has already developed into a statement. It not only takes tolerance but complete acceptance from LGBTQIA + people."

• How does your work comment on current social or political issues?

"I'm not sure if my work as an artist makes a statement about that. Perhaps it says that we should have much more joy in the little things in life. Many people's lives are geared towards wanting more and more. That doesn't make you happy. A great plate of spaghetti or a nice raviolo can make you happy."

• How do you seek out opportunities?

"I can not say it. I either have an inspiration or I don't."

• How do you develop your artistic career?

"I think Instagram is definitely an interesting platform for presenting visual art. But for me, it's not necessarily about having a huge career. To me, a single person who is really happy about my art means a lot more than thousands of anonymous people who simply consume it in some way, but it has no meaning for them. But I would like to bring my art out into the world and bring joy with it.

• Which current art world trends are you following?

"I don't follow trends at all. I do things that I like. I don't think that's credible if you're constantly chasing trends."

• How do you price your work?

"I think my art of working with pasta on such a high level is pretty unique right now. Sure, I want to perfect a lot more. I think art does not arise through unlimited possibilities but rather to get the last thing out of the limitation. The options with pasta dough are limited.

Pasta dough has an impossible consistency. It doesn't want to go in any form. For me, that is the great attraction of achieving things with pasta dough that nobody thinks possible. But everything is impossible if you only believe that it is impossible. If you don't believe that it is impossible, all you have to do is find the way."

• What’s your strongest memory of your childhood? What’s your most embarrassing moment?

"This is the past - I am a different person today.

The two most significant events in my life were realizing that I am gay and the diagnosis 6 years ago that I have Parkinson's disease.

Both turned my worldview completely upside down. Both are grave but interesting experiences. I was able to learn a lot about myself and the


• What superpower would you have and why?

"I think I have a superpower and that is my nearly endless patience. Nobody understands them, not even myself properly."

• What is your dream project?

"Exhibition in the museum of modern arts in New York ...

No, I would like to do an art exhibition. But that can also be in the health food store in Rheinfelden. Maybe it would even mean more to me."

• Favorite or most inspirational place?

"The health food store in Rheinfelden. It's an oasis and I find tons of great food there."

• Professionally, what’s your goal?

"In my work as a software engineer, I actually achieved all of my goals. I'm curious where my pasta art takes me. But for me today the journey is more than a goal."

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