This Hilarious Skit Drags Gays Who Protest Just for the Shirtless Pics

by Raffy Ermac (

"So you're just trying to integrate Black Lives Matter into your Instagram aesthetic??"

While there are many people out there who are being responsible AF and doing their part to flatten the curve and fight for racial equality, there are unfortunately still a lot of people out there who just don't get it, and YouTuber and comedian Michael Henry knows that all too well in his latest skit.

In the sketch simply entitled "PROBLEMATIC GAY," Michael and his friend (played by drag queen Kornbread) are enjoying a responsible, socially-distanced afternoon at the park when they cross paths with a shirtless friend of a friend named Trevor (played by Kevin McDonald), the typical white, fit, West Hollywood gay who Michael complains "thinks the world revolves around clubbing, CrossFit, and himself."

When tone-deaf Trevor starts to brag about how many parties he's been to during what is supposed to be a nation-wide quarantine and how he took his shirt off at a Black Lives Matter protest for an Instagram post, Michael and Kornbread read him for filth—and it's the most hilariously satisfying thing to watch...especially since we probably all know a Trevor IRL.

"It's performative, it's insulting, and it comes across as inauthentic," Kornbread says about Trevor's topless protest pics.

"So you're just trying to integrate Black Lives Matter into your Instagram aesthetic???" Michael questions. "You have over 200,000 Instagram followers. You should be using that power

and that platform to educate people, to raise money!"