The "Lega" political Party in Livorno (Italy) asks for investigations into gay marriages.

by Mr&Mr world (from Corriere della Sera / by Marco Gasperetti)

Massimo Ciacchini (Lega)

The "Lega" political Party in Livorno (Italy) asks for investigations into gay marriages. The Democratic Party (PD) harshly criticizes.

The request on data, possible financing, and stability of marriages was presented by the Collesalvetti's municipal leader of the Lega Massimo Ciacchini. A parliamentary question will be presented soon to the Govern by SI (Italian Left Party).

More than an investigation it looks like a Nazi filing. The request to quantify same-sex marriages, ask if there has been funding from the Municipality, and investigate their stability is causing right indignation. Not only in the gay community, but also among political forces who consider the request, presented in the form of a question, a homophobic insult.

"Degradation of the political Right without limits"

The Democratic Party has been among the first to comment on the news, defining the request as worrying and disturbing, because it looks like a Nazi-Fascist act. Protests also came from other Parties. «We never get used to the Lega's obtuse ideas, but now we are facing something more serious: a real and proper filing of LGBT couples have been required, even with unpleasant profiles in terms of people's privacy. I will submit a parliamentary question to the Minister of Internal Affairs to assess the illegitimacy of this act and what measures can be taken. Currently, the degradation of part of the political Italian right is out-limits.» the national spokesman for the Italian Left Party, Nicola Fratoianni said.