The birth of our Love story during a pandemic.

Guest post by Martin and Ari

Martin and I met in the summer of 2019 in Germany. We both were there for a short time so we were only able to go on one date. We promised each other that we would stay in contact and to both of our surprise we did. A few months later he asked me if I wanted to go on holiday with him to Prague and I eagerly agreed.

Our time in Prague was magical. We went sightseeing, ate delicious food, and even attended a ballet (his first ballet). I knew after this trip that he could be a person who I could care deeply for. As I went back to China, and he to Spain, our relationship intensified. We made plans to start our lives together in Germany, in the very city we met, but then the coronavirus happened.

I moved back to the States with hopes that the world would soon open so that we could see each other again. After 8 months, we started to become anxious about this world crisis.

Being so far from one another was starting to take a toll on our relationship so we decided to vacation in Croatia. At the time, Croatia was one of the only places that Americans could travel to. Being there with him was a fresh new take on the time we had spent together in Prague almost a year prior.

After 2 weeks in Croatia, I knew that I wanted him in my life forever. We started to research to figure out ways we could reunite; we even joined a Facebook support group of long-distance lovers experiencing the same thing. Luckily the virus was seemingly under control during the time I planned to travel from Croatia to Spain. After 4 COVID tests, 6 flights, being stopped at the border in Amsterdam, an invasive interview, and 10 wasted AirBnB days, I was finally allowed to reunite with the love of my life.

We are starting a new chapter of our life and we want to share this with the world. Our love story represents the power of love, dedication, acceptance, and pride and we want to show it on our Instagram. We want to show a true depiction of a healthy, honest, helpful, and homosexual relationship. We want to show a life where two people are truly and deeply in love with each other, so much so that they want to absolute best for one another. With Martin, I have truly found a partner and I have never been happier in my life.

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