Saturday Night Fever in London

Guest post by Italiano Jungle

Leo and I met, totally randomly, on a Saturday night in London while partying with our friends at Heaven Club.

After that night, we’ve been inseparable and we started to know each other more and more while dating.

It really felt like we had so much in common and I could feel I couldn’t live without him in my life because he knew how to make me laugh, he knew how to get me (and get what he wanted hehe), and most importantly: I could be 100% myself!

And now, it’s already been 3years of traveling around the world together, sharing little moments, and getting stuck at home due to the current pandemic, too.

And all this made our relationship stronger, special, and honest.

Remember: Never give up on love! Despite bad situations/relationships, keep your heart pure and joyful and the perfect one will find its way in!