Our beautiful family with Wickett (shorkie), Xena a.k.a. Brenda (pitbull), and Lucy (cat queen)

Guest post by @angel_of.music._1

We met and flirted, then spent hours on a first date talking at the solstice steps in the sunset at Lakewood Park. We instantly knew there was something special and it became a whirlwind of fun, romance, and new exciting things. One day,

Tae just never went home and we moved in together. Since then we have grown our beautiful family including Wickett (shorkie), Xena a.k.a. Brenda (pitbull), and Lucy (cat queen). We’ve made new friends, new memories, and new traditions together.

This past summer we purchased our first home and a few months later tied the knot. We have grown into our new families of in laws and friends. This is something we weren't sure we would ever have growing up. This is not something that was ever a given for us but 5 years ago, it was made possible. And now we plan to fiercely love one another for the rest of our lives as husband and husband.

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