Mr&Mr and... Mr.


About 7 years ago there was a chat between Marcel and one of his childhood friends. The friend said that he and his girlfriend had met another woman and that they would now consider entering into a polyamorous relationship with this woman. Marcel advised his friend against it at the time because a relationship does not tolerate a third person. This only creates jealousy and ultimately breaks the relationship. That was his opinion then.

1 year after this chat we found ourselves in the same situation. We had met Michel and we both fell in love with him without turning away from our love for another. How did that happen? Even today, that is not entirely clear to us. The fact is, the relationship between Marcel and Marco was not going well at this time, they tried everything to save their relationship and so one day the topic of threesomes came up. With that, we were sure, we give our relationship the necessary momentum and so we solve all problems. Ohh how wrong we were! Yes in the gay community it wasn’t difficult to find someone for a threesome. Both of us suggested a few potential candidates and we agreed on two dates. The first date was a friend of Marcel. As it happened, the third one was mainly interested in Marcel and Marco felt a little out of place.

On the second date, the situation turned exactly the other way and Marcel could now understand how Marco felt on the first date. It was now clear to both of us that this experiment couldn’t work that way: We are two completely different types and so it was not easy to find someone who found both of us attractive. About 3 months later, the topic of a threesome was off the table, both received a friend request on Facebook from a friend of Marcel’s sister.

A guy named Michel, a handsome guy. Since he was a friend of Marcel’s sister, neither of us had a guilty conscience to accept the friendship request. After a few days, we both started chatting with Michel, of course without the other knowing about it. One thing led to another and suddenly, none of us remember who it was, the subject of Michel came up. At first, we were both angry with each other. Both of us had chatted with a guy without the other knowing.

The „anger“ was quickly gone after we had talked for a while and so we made plans. He could be the third one. He obviously liked both of us, neither of us really knew him before and so we decided to bring the subject up. Let’s put it this way: He wasn’t averse to the idea of having a threesome with a married couple. In short, we agreed to meet the next weekend. We planned to do some games on our Wii and to watch some Movies just be relaxed and let look at what will happen.

The Weekend came and so we were a little bit excited. We cleaned our already clean flat and styled it up a little bit. The phone was ringing and it was Michel. Marcel took up and Michel was telling that he ́s here. Marco needed to go outside to pay the cab as a gentleman will do.

He came along and suddenly Michel was standing next to the cab. He wore a red cross uniform because he came to us straight after a Competition from the Red Cross. Marco always liked uniforms a lot and so he was totally taken at this moment. He shyly said Hello to Michel and paid the bill to go as quickly as possible right back to his husband to get a little bit more relaxed. After coming in we had talked for a while and our tension was gone we started to play some rounds of Mario Kart. We had some drinks during gaming and a lot of fun.

After a while, we decided to watch a movie. So we put in "Pretty Women" and watched for a while. Michel was quite a bit in need of love and he cuddled between us. He told us that he ́s very tired and so we decided to go to "sleep". We had an awesome night he treated both of us the same way. And he finally got us with the question " And what ́s about Kissing?" We never had kissed anybody else because we didn't want to grow feelings for them. But we totally fell in this moment and kissed him.

Right after that night, it was clear to us that we both totally fell in love with him. And since this day we are together in a loving three-way relationship that we would never have expected.