Love comes when you aren't looking and can be very unexpected.

Guest post by Simon & Mark

Not long after breaking away from a long term destructive relationship, I had some time off work and went away on my own for the weekend to Bristol ,not far away from my home town of Cardiff but far enough to clear my head .

I ended up going for a couple of drinks alone and bumped into some Welsh guys who dragged me along to a club .

After an hour I so of dancing on the stage a very tall handsome guy came up to offer me a drink, at first I declined but as soon as he turned away I realized that was a mistake and jumped off the stage to join him .

We had a great night and he walked me back to my hotel ,stopping multiple times along the way for kissing and a grope. He ended up staying at the hotel and I explained I was not looking for a relationship this was just a one off . He left in the morning and we hadn't even exchanged numbers .

When I later left the hotel I took a wrong turn and ended up bumping in mark who just happens to be back walking through the center to meet friends. I stopped the car and asked mark to help get me on the right road , I dropped him to his friends for brunch and we then exchanged numbers .

We became a little infatuated with each other calling constantly for hours at a time .

We both said we were not looking for a relationship so for a few months we just met on weekends at either city ,but that soon turned into every night in either city , after a 2 years we rented the house out in Bristol and mark moved to Cardiff ,we traveled lots abroad and on one trip to Thailand on a beautiful tiny island mark proposed.i was stunned but of course said yes and we got engaged the following year, then bought a house together and married 3 years later. Both our family's and friends have been very supportive and embracing which is amazing . We have a great life together and have completely renovated our home over the last 2 years,we have a pet cat and are very happy .Together 15 years and married for 6 , life isn't always easy but if you are strong together you can get through it .There no secret recipe but for us I believe it's being open and allowing each other to be themselves .we are still 2 people just in one union .

Love comes when you aren't looking and can be very unexpected.

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