Lorran Oliveira, a 21-year-old photographer, was left “shaking, crying and very afraid”.

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


Lorran Oliveira, a 21-year-old photographer, was beaten with a broomstick by a neighbour. (Facebook)

Police were called to the scene over a brutal bust-up between neighbours in the northeastern state of Bahia, Brazil, where a gay man was verbally and physically attacked in his apartment building.

In a horrific which left the gay victim shaken, police arrested, handcuffed and humiliated him instead of his attacker, an incident he said captures the deep levels of homophobia sowed into Brazil.

Lorran Oliveira, a 21-year-old photographer, described in a Facebook post how he was hauled into the back of a police van in the Pontalzinho neighbourhood of Itaúna and cuffed inside the station.

All the while his attackers rode up-front and provided testimonies to authorities in the reception.

“Unfortunately we live in an extremely prejudiced society,” Oliveira said, saying he “recently moved to a new address and as always, I’ve become a laughing stock.”

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