Just Married today!!!

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Congratulations and our best wishes for your New Life!

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We were both spending Christmas and New Years with part of our families in Miami, we both live in NY but never got to meet until that very special trip, who would’ve thought that FL was the place where we were going to see each other for the first time, we both were at the right place and the right time, with some friends and part of our relatives just getting some sun in South Beach, a friend in common happened to be there and introduced us, we started chatting and getting to know each other, he was talking to me so close that at some point it was inevitable, we gave our first kiss in from of the sea and the rest is history.

We spent the rest of our trip together, it was magical it seemed like we knew each other forever, so many things in common but each of us with our own personality which was even sexier I’d say.

After coming back to our city New York, we started dating and doing so many things together, we didn’t spend a day apart, it was magical !!

We miss us so much while we were working, we did different activities together almost every day. We were falling in love and we knew that we were perfect for each other. There’s no day that we Thank destiny, for that trip and to that day we met that allow us to be the couple we are now.

After a while we decided to move in together with a little anxiety because we didn’t want things to change, so many questions in our heads, how is it going to be? Is it going to be for the better?

Are we going to her along well?

The answer is just one, we are getting married on June 10th, here in New York, our home, surrounded by the most wonderful friends and family members who’ve been with us since day one, and others that we’ve met throughout our journey, we love our friends, our coworkers, we love the US!

We are great full that we can plan this whole wonderful and such an important day together and with our parents' help and support! That gives us the strength to continue forward

making more special moments to write in our book of life. We couldn’t be happier that we going to each other as soulmates, lovers, best friends, and now as husbands.

I’m sure the best is yet to come!!! Cheers for love and happiness!!

Best wishes to all of you on there from these two Latino immigrants, who have been living and loving in this concrete jungle NYC.

Pedro and Rolando

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