Jonathan Van Ness shares gorgeous COVID vaccine moment to make a very important point

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Jonathan Van Ness got vaccinated against COVID-19. (Instagram)

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness got his COVID-19 vaccination on Instagram to raise awareness of the importance of getting the jab if you have HIV.

Van Ness was vaccinated against COVID-19 after New York updated its vaccination plans to move people with pre-existing conditions, such as HIV, further up the queue.

He urged people who have HIV to check vaccine guidelines in their area to find out if they can get the COVID vaccine early due to their condition.

Van Ness also noted that many others with pre-existing medical conditions are eligible to get vaccines early due to the threat COVID-19 could post to their overall health.

Jonathan Van Ness had only ‘minor soreness’ after getting the COVID vaccine

“Had I not been looking online every day I wouldn’t have seen, so def get involved with your search,” Van Ness wrote.

“This was my first shot and other than minor soreness in my arm had no side effects and will get my second shot in a few weeks.”

He continued: “Definitely need patience, resolve, access to the internet to do this so [please] if you can help others obtain information or access [please do] that.”

Fans expressed their joy in the comments that Jonathan Van Ness had been vaccinated.

Jonathan Van Ness and Mark Peacock got

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