Inside the Art of Robert Maurice

A Los Angeles based painter with an extraordinary talent!

Los Angeles-based painter Robert Maurice has an extraordinary talent and a clear vision of his creations. His paintings are filled with erotic, outlined bodies amidst vivid, brighting colors. Praised by the Instinct Magazine for his unique talent, he is certainly an important presence among modern artists and on the art market. We want to help you get to know him better!

Would you like to introduce yourself? HELLO! I'm Robert Maurice (aka Daniel - HEY leave me alone, Im a man of mystery! ) ;) I'm also a 37 year old, Los Angeles born, painter/actor/comedian and am so happy you're reading my interview! What Does Your Artwork Represent?

Most of my artwork represents the intimate, the erotic, the vulnerabile and the...well...naked, side of men.

Why are you drawn to this subject? What's not to love about naked men?? Haha. Being a gay man myself, and always having had a love of the nude male body, gay men and couples becoming my primary clientele makes perfect sense for me.

What connection do you have to your art?

My work is ultimately an interpretation of how I see and feel color through my eyes and soul. In most cases my connection to my art is deep and personal. My art is often a perspective on fantasy. That fantasy is born for me during the time I spend creating a painting.

How Do You Make It? (technique)

My work usually starts with either a photo to reference or a session scheduled (if my client happens to also live in Los Angeles) during which I usually take a photo to use. Once I select paper size and get to work, I paint on cold pressed watercolor paper and using mostly Daniel Smith watercolor paints. I sketch the piece to start and then go in with color. The entire process takes anywhere from 5-8 hours.

What Does Your Art Mean to You?

My art, to me, is an escape. My art is a safe space to express whatever I want to express. Art, be it fine arts or performing and everything in between, has always been the place I came to to smile and laugh and heal. Art means everything is okay. Art means I'm home. How Do You Sell your Art and where? The majority of my art sales and commissions are generated from Instagram and word of mouth. I am in the process of launching a website ( that will host a shop as well. What’s your background? I have a BFA in Acting from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I am a stand-up comedian and an actor and have been seen in various television shows and films. Only during the Covid19 Pandemic shutdown did I realize I had a passion for painting.

How does your work comment on current social or political issues? I try to make sure my body of work is very body positive, diverse and inclusive and I can't think of a better way to support the direction I feel we should be moving socially and politically than to celebrate and memorialize our colorful bodies and souls in the form of bold watercolor paintings! If You Had Three Wishes, What Would You Wish For?

Good health always, for everyone I know and love, and everyone they know and love.

Financial freedom forever.

My dream romantic partner to literally fall into my living room.

What Would You Rather Throw Away: Love Or Money? MONEY

What's The Most Beautiful Place You've Ever Seen?

The incredible cobblestone windy streets and gorgeous beaches of Mykonos, Greece is tied with an amazing hike I went on in Hong Kong.

What Was Your Fondest Memory Of High School?

Throwing a giant rager at my parent's house when they left town and letting it get so out of hand that I had to ask Cara, the super short and skinny neighbor, to come over and "break it up" for me.

What's Your Favorite TV Show? Bridgerton!! (recently)

What's The Strangest Thing In Your Refrigerator?

Under eye masks.

Thank you Robert for this beautiful and lovely interview. We are following your Art and we can't wait to participate to an Exhibit with all your incredible paintings!