Initially, we did not like each other!

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We both met in late 2014 and initially, we did not like each other! It is quite funny because one of us was said to be too pompous and posh and the other was too crazy and wild. We did end up meeting again with a larger group of friends and from that night something magical happened between us both. We kept meeting up almost every evening from there and constantly messaging each other until we fell in love. Over 6 years later and we are happily married!

The road hasn't always been an easy one and together we have tackled hurdles, whether it be family turning against us due to our sexuality or even friends turning against us due to our sexuality Our love and relationship has survived a lot which has made us stronger than ever.

Both of us are extremely positive people and over the years we have become the ultimate team!

Amir proposed in 2016 at a place we loved to go walking and we were wed in April 2019. We had a small ‘Secret Shaadi’ (as we like to call it), only us and 10 guests knew about it. We did not want extended family or the community to find out about it as it would pose danger to both of us.

We had a Mehndi at our home which was followed the next day by breakfast, a registry wedding, and a lovely meal and drinks with our closest friends. Keeping the wedding a secret was the best decision we made and now we continue to live openly and freely as a representation that love wins and for all the battles we lost, we won the war! We may not have had the love and support of everyone, but we had each other and still do and to us, our love is enough!

We decided to make the now successful podcast ‘You Don’t Love Me’ in June 2019 and this has given us the opportunity to represent, have our voices heard, and be involved with many projects within the community. We plan to keep growing, keep being successful and keep showing the world that people like us exist!

Every single hardship has made us stronger as a unit and although we didn't see ourselves represented growing up, we strive to continue being that representation for the next generation of Queer South Asians!

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