I had essentially given up on finding love. Now I have him.

Post guest by @bradsito

“Sam and I met in late 2016. I had essentially given up on finding love at the time. Everything I had experienced within the gay community prior had been something I did not identify with and I personally felt it hard to relate to most. Everyone used to tell me at the time that if I focused on myself and did not seek out finding love, eventually it would come into my life. Reluctantly, and not necessarily believing them - I adhered to their guidance.

Sam and I met on a rainy, cold day in December at a work event we both attended. He would now say how hard he tried to show his interest in getting to know me, but I was too naive to notice. We would work another event together a few weeks later, where afterwards he sent me a text saying how much he enjoyed working with me, expressed his interest in getting to know me better, and asked me out for coffee. Not having his number saved in my phone, I simply replied, "I'm sorry who is this?" A funny story we laugh back on now. Our first date lasted 10 wonderful accidental hours. What was meant to be a quick meet up in the morning would lead to, breakfast, a trip to the gym, a movie, followed by dinner, and a Broadway show. It was the best first date because neither of us has planned or expected it, so it just became this wild impromptu adventure that could have easily gone on for 10 more.

Sam and I live in New York City, we have been together for 4 years, we own and operate our own charitable soy candle company called Olive Candle Co., and we just recently got engaged! I proposed in the desert of Arizona in front of family on Thanksgiving. It was magical and everything we could have both hoped for. We're excited for our journey together in life as a couple, but most of all best friends. I couldn't imagine sharing life's experiences with anyone but him. He is the most kind, attentive, loving, and genuine person I have ever met. He is also the weirdest person you'll ever meet, which helps make even the most mundane days special."

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