Governor Jared Polis Announces He Is Engaged to Partner Marlon Reis

by Mikelle Street (

The pair have been together for 17 years.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis is engaged to First Gentleman Marlon Reis according to the state's governor's office.

The two, who are parents to two children, were engaged back in December. The news has only just now been made public, similar to Adam Rippon's engagement. They decided to do the engagement before Reis was admitted to the hospital in 2019 after contracting the virus at the center of the ongoing pandemic.

“I was getting my things ready. My daughter was crying in the corner — she didn’t want me to go,” said Reis, 39, who recounted the December 6 proposal to The Colorado Sun during an interview Wednesday afternoon.

“My son was asking me a lot of technical questions: ‘When are you coming back? Do they know exactly what’s wrong?’ It was a very tense moment.”

Polis was rushing Reis as he would later get down on one knee to propose.

Reis has since recovered.

Polis became the governor of Colorado in 2018, after serving five terms in the U.S. House of Representatives — he became the first out gay person elected governor of a state, though Kate Brown, who is bisexual, became governor of Oregon in 2015. Polis and Reis have been together for 17 years. The ring includes an inscription with a passage from the bible.

The pair have not picked a wedding date.