Finally...Just Married!

Guest post by Dustin & Matthew Johnston

We have been together for almost 13 years come May 23rd of this year. 5 states, two different coasts, and even a worldwide pandemic, there is nothing we can’t get through together. Here is our wedding story from Dustin’s perspective:

So after 12+ years together we said I DO!

I really don’t know how to sum up how we ended up getting married on what I didn’t know was going to be the best day of my life 12/12/2020.

However, the universe has its ways, and here is my best shot at explaining it to you……..what many of you don’t know is Matt and I had been planning a wedding since early/late 2019 and we were finalizing the plans in early 2020. I had the resort, location, a full wedding package for a cliffside onsite wedding for up to 20 people picked out. I had always planned the proposal myself personally on the side and we were getting ready to start letting family and friends know about the plans we had done together for a destination wedding in Hawaii on 10/10/2020. …….and then Covid happened…….and our worlds were all turned upside down.

We canceled all the plans and were very upset and just very confused like we all experienced at that time. However, for us, it really was an extra big letdown after all the work we put into researching and planning. Since it was such a stressful time in the world we didn’t really want to talk to anyone about it because we’ll it was already so stressful in the world with everything going on. We decided the best route to take was to restart planning once we could and pick another date to get married on. That being said, picking another date seemed easier than I realized.

Also, the pandemic/closures as we all know went on for much longer than I think we had planned in the beginning months. So time went by into the pandemic with closures, openings, rollbacks, and roll-outs and we got closer to our original date 10/10/2020. I realized as the date was getting closer it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought, to just let go of the original date. So that being said it was late September when we realized we really wanted to still get married in 2020 as we always liked the synchronicity in the number.

So we scanned the calendar of remaining days in 2020 and came across 12/12/2020 which we both agreed we actually liked better than 10/10/2020. We had the date so we then started looking around town where we live in Las Vegas for a place to tie the knot and came across The STRAT! The views were an easy sell as well as their convenient pre-planned wedding for two.

So to sum it up maybe it wasn’t the original plans but honestly whatever goes as planned in life. We rolled with the punches like we always have in life and did our best to continue pushing forward. Also, we both agreed on two things we could have got married any day anyway and it still would have been special because it was together and we have considered ourselves married for much longer than 12/12/2020, which many of you know to be true if you’ve shared a car ride with us (we tend to bicker about the little things lol but it’s ❤️ love 😝 ) ……that being said I’m excited to continue being together with him for a lifetime and beyond of amazing memories together.