Once upon a Travel ...

Guest post by Simone and Marco

We are Simone & Marco, known as the World Mappers.

Travel / Friendship / Love - These are the three reasons that started our project.

From a casual photo during our first trip together as a couple, the challenge was born to take a #Face2Face photo in every city and corner of the world.

At the same time, we worked on the creation of a blog, creating a collection of practical guides to let our followers travel with us. Our blog is structured in different sections that can be easily consulted. The MapGuide is Gay & Lesbian Friendly travel guides on different destinations internationally. These are then accompanied by single Map'City, collections of practical information on the main cities around the world, with many of our tips for living unique and out-of-the-ordinary experiences. Finally, with the addition of the Map'Info, Map'Foody, and Map'Hotel categories, we present useful tips to better organize a holiday, recipes and flavors from around the world, and a range of LGBT friendly hotels.

After the great success with the Travel theme, we launched an innovative section, through the Map'Advisor project. A collection of our greatest passions and the presentation of products related to them. Furnishing items, personal care, travel accessories, photography, unique experiences, and much more that we like to recommend to those who follow us.

Through our writing, our photographs, and our videos, we want to share everything that is worth seeing and experiencing for us. We want to create authentic content, intended for the LGBT + community and beyond, thanks to our experiences and memories. We have tried everything we tell on our skin, and it has given us such deep emotions that we have decided to share them with you.

Explore the world. Visit new destinations. Discover local cultures and flavors. This is the true soul of the World Mappers. Are you ready to travel with us?

World Mappers - Marco & Simone