A weekend that changed our Life

Guest post by Jo & George

We are Jo and George, 38 and 37 years old, a gay couple living for more than 13 years together. We come originally from Greece and Cyprus but for the last 10 years, we reside in The Netherlands. We are both working as dentists, while Jo is also a content creator (graphics, videos, blogs) and George is a student of psychology.

Our story started in 2007, during a weekend holiday with friends from Thessaloniki, Greece to Sofia, Bulgaria. A weekend that changed our lives. We have already known each other for more than three years since both of us were studying dentistry in Thessaloniki, but since that day we started coming closer and closer, till we moved together a few days later.

In the days, months, and years that followed, we have moved to almost ten houses, in five cities, within three different countries.

We have learned, for almost a year, how long-distance relationships work, we have broken up, got back again, and stayed together during all the happy - but also difficult - moments of our lives since then.

Having spent, almost, 70 percent of our adult lives, living together, means that we had to deal, from the very first moment, with our inner selves, our deepest fears but also our most-wanted desires.

Although our relationship “started” in Bulgaria, it grew up in Greece - in Thessaloniki and Athens. It was tested, during our time apart, while George was studying for his master's in Sheffield, UK and Jo was moving to The Netherlands - for the first time.

After that, it was taken to a whole different level, during the years we lived together in Groningen and now in The Hague.

We moved to The Hague, more than six years ago. This is the place where our relationship started maturing.

During this time, we settled down and finally started to feel a place like a real home, while we have also started traveling more to meet new places and people.

With this account (@jdandgp) we want to share with you the moments of our life together.

Places we’ve been to, experiences we’ve had together, intimate moments, and funny encounters. Stay tuned!