A successful non-date

Guest post by Douglas & Josh

That non-date was so successful we decided to drop the ruse and try the date for real.

People always ask us how we met. To put it simply, we were set up through a mutual friend. But to leave it there would deprive you of a much better story. We usually let Joshua tell this story because it is adorable that he thinks Douglas was completely unaware of the scheming.

Picture it: Little Rock, 2008. A plot was devised to bring two people together. Joshua and the mutual friend, Beverly, began inviting Douglas to random gatherings: a movie here, a dinner there, a New Year’s Eve party, and even a dinner party. Conveniently enough, for the movie night and the dinner night, it was orchestrated for Douglas to arrive late so the only available seat would be beside Joshua. For the dinner party, mysteriously, none of the other guests even bothered to show up. Beverly cooked us a meal while we played Guitar Hero on Wii. That non-date was so successful we decided to drop the ruse and try the date for real. So, on Super Bowl Sunday 2009, we went on our first official date. We were really fancy = Dinner (On The Border) and a Movie (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans).

We have been inseparable ever since. We have built a life together and share an amazing group of friends and family.

This brings us to today! After 12 years we are finally going to say I do and officially earn our husbands' title!

This is a very exciting and emotional time for us!! Coming out is a very personal milestone for every LGBTQ person and everyone faces this challenge their own way.

This was definitely the case in our relationship. Josh came out to his friends and family in college. Douglas’s journey was a bit different.

In the early years of our relationship our "out" status really never came up. As time went on marriage became a topic we discussed more often. It was something we knew we wanted. We also knew it was something of which we wanted both our families to be a part. So, we patiently continued our journey together, and, as those who know us well will attest, patience has never been our strongest attribute.

Douglas finally came out to his family in November 2019 and at the beginning of 2020, we began talking about getting married. Then COVID happened. We have wavered back and forth most of the year.

Do we go ahead as planned or do we wait? There never seemed to be an easy answer.

Finally, in October 2020, we decided we've waited long enough. The timing will never be perfect, the money will never be there, COVID isn't going away anytime soon! With so much disappointment and hardship in the past year, we decided we would make 2021 a year to remember for all the right reasons.

So, this Saturday, 12 years and 5 days after our first date, we will legally become husbands and continue our grand adventure together!