6 times Pete Buttigieg faced disgusting homophobia during his historic run for the presidency


Last night, Pete Buttigieg announced that he was pulling out of the race for the Democratic nomination for the presidency, marking the end of a historic and groundbreaking political campaign.

His speech in South Bend, Indiana marked the end of an almost year-long campaign that saw him top polls and win the Iowa caucus. But that success did not come without a price. Buttigieg faced countless examples of homophobia throughout his campaign from right-wing and religious commentators.

The attacks were wide-ranging and disturbing in tone: one preacher suggested he was “deserving of death” because of his sexuality. Another suggested he would die young from AIDS-related complications because he is gay.

Buttigieg’s campaign for the presidency proved that the world is in flux on gay rights – his surprising success will go down in history as a first for an LGBT+ candidate. But it also proved that homophobia is alive and kicking, and there are a great many people out there who see the possibility of a gay candidate taking the Oval Office as a threat.

Here, we delve into six examples of the homophobia Pete Buttigieg faced throughout his campaign.

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