4 women made our dreams come true!

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“We are Chris and Juan, two Australian-Spanish citizens living in Barcelona.

We found each other on Grindr and it was "love at second sight" ;) Chris spotted me first and texted me and I never replied back. Then a few days later he changed his profile picture and I texted him. We spent an entire weekend chatting over the phone and we met in person on April 11th, 2011. It was then love at first sight. I moved to Australia in 2013 for work whilst Chris stayed in Spain. After few months of being apart, I traveled 24hrs from Sydney to Barcelona to surprise him with a marriage proposal and stay with him for 48hrs.

A few months later he joined me in Sydney.

We got married twice, first on July 17th, 2015 at the Spanish Consulate in Sydney and second on the 10th of October 2015 in Spain in front of our most 200 beloved people. It was a "roaring 20s" themed event and it was basically a massive tribute to any kind of love with karaoke, pole dancing performances, batucada, and a lot of surprises including the announcement of the birth of our first child, Anxo.

Speaking of how our family came to be. We talked about it on our first date but it was three years later when we started looking into it seriously.

After exploring different options we decided to grow our family via surrogacy: our first son Anxo was born in Mexico and our send son Atlas was born in Australia.

We've created an amazing bond with the 4 women that helped us to make our dreams come true: the two surrogates, Heidi and Cass, and the two egg donors, Stacey and Amber. We were so thankful that we decided to give back to the universe by helping other families as known sperm donors.

Each of us helped five families and 10 kids have been born so far.

What we like to most as a family is to hang out with our friends and extended family, traveling, exploring new places, dancing, and singing. We recently moved back to Spain and we are looking forward to new adventures! Welcome to our familia! :)”