12 years of pure Love!

Updated: Feb 21

Guest post by @2_dallas_dads Joe and I met in 2008 and initially, we were just friends. We ran in the same friend circle, traveled together, and genuinely enjoyed hanging out as friends. Over time, we gravitated towards each other and our friendship grew stronger and stronger.

One of our mutual friends pushed us to date in 2010 and one of the first questions we had for each other was “do you want a family”. From the beginning, we knew it was non-negotiable.

We dated for a couple of years and had started the conversation of having a family but we were catapulted into the process when we met the wife of our fertility doctor during a small dinner party. We told her our story but didn’t know the first steps in starting the process. Within a couple of days, she matched us with a surrogate who would be ready to start the process within 4 months. The only issue was we were only engaged, not married, and we wanted to be married before we had kids! So we fast-tracked our wedding to ensure we were married before we actually got pregnant.