Frequently asked questions

Can I contribute to the website contents?

Yes you can contribute to the website contents. If you think that something important is missed, wrong, or you have a suggestion, please contact us

Can I create my own profile on Mr&Mr?

Yes! To create your profile follow these simple steps: 1. On your live site, click the Login Bar. 2. Click Profile. 3. Click Edit to update your profile name and image. 4. Do any of the following: Name: Enter a profile name. ... 5. Click Save. 6 Do any of the following to edit the "About" section: Enter text introducing yourself. ... 7. Click Publish.

Can I Blog for Mr&Mr world?

Yes! We are always happy to have contributors. Please fill out the Contact form and send us your message. In the meantime read here for more info.

How do I add my non-profit/Company/services to your Resources?

If you are not listed in our website and you want to be added, please write us here!

How can I have more visibility on your website and channels?

To have more visibility through out channels you can advertise with us. For more info and to stay in touch with us you are welcome to visit our Advertise section.